Monday, January 15, 2007

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Young Thoughts on Shemos

My son brought home the following parsha Torah thoughts from 4th grade yeshiva...(since he brings these home on Friday, they can't go up until after Shabbat.)

The Gemora says Pharoah discussed his problem with the Hebrews with 3 people: Bilam, Iyov (Job), and Yisro.

o Bilam advised Pharoah to make the Hebrews into slaves, and was killed.

o Iyov didn't say anything, and was punished with terrible troubles and pain.

o Yisro ran way, and merited that his children would be put on the Sanhedrin.


The Torah tells us how Batya (daughter of Pharoah) saw Moshe (the baby) in the middle of the Nile and sent her maid to get him. The sages explain that "amata" doesn't mean her maid here, but her hand. A miracle happened and her hand was extended many "amot" to reach Moshe.

Why did Batya stretch out her hand in the first place to do something seemingly impossible? The Kotzker Rebbe answers that when it comes to saving lives, we do what we can do, and will often be amazed at the results!

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