Sunday, January 14, 2007

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Whos' Who and What's What?

The caption reads, "Rice stands with Defense Minister Amir Peretz", by AP Diplomatic Reporter Anne Gearan.

Except, it's not Defense Minister Amir Peretz in the picture. It's Minister of Strategic Something or Other Avigdor Lieberman. Either Ms. Gearan doesn't know who the Israeli Defense Minister is, or Secretary Rice doesn't.

24 hours ago, Prime Minister Olmert is threatened with indictment for improper bid offerings and campaign financing (and so forth). Then, Rice appears in Israel to "Restart Stalled Efforts at a Compromise". She may not know who she's standing next to, but she knows what she wants.

The Palestinians are disintegrating. The US offers money to help, the next day Hamas ministers promise the money will go to weapons specifically to be used for terror. Word from the US? None. Doesn't fit their world view or objectives, so ignore it.

What happened? Did Olmert or Peretz actually say something like "we're being hit daily with rockets killing people, our soldiers are being held, we're stopping tens of terror attacks monthly, maybe we need to hold up a moment until the Palestinian's actually do something?" (Seems doubtful, but possible I guess.) Then, Peretz's position comes under immediate attack within Labor, Olmert is threatened with indictement, and Rice shows up with public pictures of Livni and Lieberman but not Olmert or Peretz talking "Road Map Restart".

I may not hang with the conspiracy theorists, but it appears to me that the Israeli government is absolutely under someone's thumb, and that someone includes Rice. How much Jewish blood will be spilled on someone else's agenda? How long will Israel be a pawn to be sacrificed?

Note I don't like Peretz or Olmert, I consider them both incompetent and more out for themselves than the country. But when even their being clearly manipulated, we need to stand up and pay attention.

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