Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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An Offer, A Mitzvah?

In the past in the US, there's been some pretty strange reports of people selling their names to companies for advertising. There's also been reports of a small town or two that have done the same. In all cases, this was to a company for large sums of money.

The following has been confirmed as legitimate by a reliable source...

A religious elderly Jewish couple in Israel would like to fulfill the tradition of naming a child in the name of the woman's father. Her father was a religious Jew, lived his life as as such, was born in Hungary, escaped before World War II to the U.S., and then moved to Israel where he lived out the rest of his life in Bnei Brak (where he is buried).

However, this woman has daughters and granddaugthers, and therefore has never had the opportunity to perpetuate the name of her father, a"h.

The couple is willing to pay NIS 5,000 to a religious Jewish family willing to name their child חיים אליעזר Chaim Eliezer, after the woman's father. They'd prefer for the family and baby to live in Israel, so they could maybe visit the baby from time to time, give him presents, and feel some sort of connection with the child. (Though they may be open to other offers.)

If you're pregnant and interested, or know someone who is, they can be contacted at mitzvamail -a-t- gmail .d.0.t. com.


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