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More on Chabad and Breslov

More on Chabad - Breslov relations, a guest post from Chabakuk Elisha...

(see sefer Shivcho shel Tzaddik):

* The Alter Rebbe defended R’ Nachman and supported him in the machlokes against R’ Nachman and said: “R’ Nachman places himself in nisyonos, he is a great man, a mighty warrior.” (Beis Rebbe)

* R’ Zelig Slonim said (a descendant of the Alter Rebbe and the leader of Chabad in Chevron) that when visiting Lubavitch he stayed at the home of Rebbetzin Rivka (wife of the Rebbe Maharash, daughter-in-law of the Tzemach Tzeddek & mother of the Rebbe Rashab). In conversation, she spoke of R’ Nachman and stated that the Alter Rebbe defended R’ Nachman, announcing: “Anyone who opposes R Nachman, opposes me” - and emphasized that not only is he on R’ Nachman’s side, but that “he who opposes R’ Nachman is opposing the Alter Rebbe and the Alter Rebbe’s daas, MAMASH.”

* In the first printing of the Siddur, the Alter Rebbe included the haskoma of R’ Yekusiel, the Maggid of Terhovetza (student of the Maggid of Mezritch and subsequently an adherent of R’ Nachman)

* When R’ Nachman returned from Eretz Yisroel he went directly to the Baal HaTanya in White Russia (quite a distance out of his way) arriving before Shabbos Chazon (9 Av 5559 -1779) in Liozna. When the Chassidim found out that R’ Nachman had come to town they received him with great honor and came out to greet him dressed in their Shabbos clothing. The Alter Rebbe was overjoyed to welcome R’ Nachman, and they showed each other great closeness and love. They spoke for many hours, and after R’ Nachman declined to speak publicly, the Alter Rebbe delivered a maamar for six hours without stop.

* On one occasion R’ Nachman hinted to the Alter Rebbe that they would become mechutanim one day, and indeed R’ Aharon (Arke) of Krementchug (son of the Alter Rebbe’s favorite daughter Freid’ke) married R’ Nachman’s daughter Chaya (his second marriage). R’ Aharon was a great gaon & baki – he one said about R’ Nosson of Breslov, “He knows all the writings of the AriZal on the back of his hand.”

* R’ Mordechai, a chossid of R’ Nachman, was one of the rabbonim in Teplik. Once a question regarding an Aguna was brought to him and he was inclined to permit the Aguna to remarry. The Alter Rebbe came to Teplik, so R’ Mordechai consulted with him, and the A”R agreed with R’ Mordechai’s decision. After their meeting, the Alter Rebbe showed R’ Mordechai great honor and when departing, the A”R said: “Teplik has two rabbonim… but R’ Mordechai is worth a hon rav (a wordplay on the word rav – hon rav meaning exceedingly valuable).”

* When the Tzemach Tzedek was shown the Breslover sforim “Likkutei Halachos,” the Tzemach Tzedek said “Kulanu bnei ish echad nachnu”.

* R’ Isralev, who’s grandfather was a close talmid of the T”T, used to say that the T”T once heard someone disparaging R’ Nosson. The T”T became angry and ordered the individual to accept rebuke immediately. Similarly, R’ Zelig Slonim said that once someone had thrown R’ Nosson’s sefer to the floor. The Tzemach Tzededk saw this and ordered the man to sit on the floor and immediately accept rebuke publicly.

* Breslover Chassidim, R’ Baruch Efrayim (author of sefer Bibi Hanachal on Likutei Mohoran), R’ Mendele Litvak (student of R’ Nachman Tulchiner), and R’ Shimile Homiler were all Chassidim of the Tzemach Tzedek who became Breslover Chassidim after his passing. It is said that R’ Baruch Efrayim had been one of the “choizrim” of the Tzemach Tzedek.

* Once, the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe (R’ Yosef Yitzchok), visited Teplik. Upon his arrival, all the Yidden came to greet him and brought kvitlach - and among them was a Breslover Chossid named R’ Elimelech Tepliker. The Rebbe Rayatz told him: “Everyone has seforim in their home, but when traveling, one only brings along the seforim that he uses regularly.” While saying these words, the Rebbe showed him that he had brought along his Likkutei Moharan.

* Also, the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rebbe Rayatz) had a sefer Likutei Halachos on his desk at the time of his passing.

* R’ Avrohom Sternhartz - a direct descendant of R’ Nosson and Breslover Manhig in the early to mid 1900’s) was Rov in Kremenchug (a city with a large Lubavitcher kehila). R’ Avrohom was very close to the Lubavitcher Chassidim there and even recited the maamar on 19 Kislev. (also see this)

* R’ Gedalya Aharon Kenig (former Breslover manhig in Tzefas – and father of R’ Elazar Mordechai, the current manhig of Breslov in Tzefas) had been a Chabad Chossid (it is said that he was actually a Chabad mashpia in Yerushalyim) before meeting and becoming the Talmud muvhak of R Avrohom Sternhartz.

Should I look for more?

We're always ready for more stories of ahavas yisroel and positive relations between brothers and cousins (all chassidim and all yidden!) But I think you covered the specific Chabad/Breslov relationship pretty well. Thanks!

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