Friday, January 26, 2007

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Midda k'neged Midda?

Guest post by Robert S. at Mystical Paths

The US messes with Israel. Under fire, still being forced to work with those killing it.

The same week, the US is hit with record cold, destroying the California citrus crop, and China and Japan sign agreements for record citrus deliveries from Israel...

IsraelNN - Israeli citrus farmers have benefited from the wave of freezing cold weather that struck California recently, destroying 70 percent of its citrus fruit.

Though citrus prices within Israel have not risen, the prices globally have, and drastically. Retail prices for grapefruit are up 33 percent over last year, red pomelos 35 percent and Israeli specialty pomelits up a whopping 78 percent.

Japan, a major importer of citrus, has renewed its imports from Israel, ordering 800 tons of oranges a week. Earlier this month, China signed a contract to buy $50 million worth of oranges, grapefruits and pomelos a year from Israel.

Following the California crop failures, major exporters to the European Union decided to sell to the US instead, for a higher profit. European nations were therefore forced to increase their imports from countries like Israel.

Midda K'Neged Midda?

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