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Jewish Women and War

X-Eli commented: Do you think Israel needs fighting women more than tznious??

Yerushalmi commented: Crop to remove the immodest image on the right (pic 1).

Anonymous commented: The Chazon Ish, zs'l, told his sister, a'h, that when they come to take her to be a Chayelet, c'v, have a gun ready to kill herself "Yaharog V'Al Yavor"

And, a friend who feels similar sent this (with the pictures) to a lead student of a mekubal (kabbalist), who replied with this...

לאישה אסור לשאת כלי מלחמה.

הוא תומך בגיוס נשים?

זה נוגד הלכה. לאישה אסור לשאת כלי מלחמה...המלחמה הם לגברים...ומלחמות שבתורה היו פיזיות אבל בשם השם דבורה לא היתה נלחמת פיזית....היא היתה נלחמת עם קבלה מעשית נגד מזיקים ככה גם אסתר המלכה וכך גם האמהות הקדושות...

אישה צריכה לגדל ילדים ולשמור על השפע הרוחני זה כל סוד האתרוג שהוא כנגד האישה שמקבלת את הטיפה דרך

השם ירחם שלא נתבלל ח"ו

"A woman is not allowed to carry weapons of war. (Not sure...) How is this relevant to women?

This is against halacha (Jewish law), for a woman to carry weapons of war. War is for men...and the wars in the Torah were (fought) but in the name of Hashem. Devorah the prophetess would not fight (directly/physically/with weapons?). She fought with Practical Kabbalah against those who were harmful. So too with Esther and with the Matriarchs.

A woman is supposed to raise children and guard against spiritual influences. This is the whole secret of the Etrog, that is compared to the woman, that accepts the platform of the way of Hashem.

Hashem should have mercy that we should not be confused, G-d forbid."

I only give my opinion here with my limited view. Yet, I cannot see how one can look upon these young women soldiers with a bad eye. They have no relationship with Hashem, they know not the words of the Chazon Ish or halacha. "Tinot She'bi'nishba" in their own land. Yet they come to stand and cry out to HaKodesh Baruch Hu, "protect us and let us be successful in guarding the lives of the Jewish People in the Holy Land."

These young Jewish women soldiers stepped forward to put their lives on the line to protect and defend the Jewish people, Jewish towns, villages, and cities. There are many reasons not to have women in the army, and that is halacha. That's a failing of the government, not these women.

(Pictures taken by my 12 year old daughter, translation a combined effort of my wife and eldest daughter.)

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