Friday, January 26, 2007

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Erev Erev Erev Rav

by Akiva at Mystical Paths

It's one thing to disparage your own culture. I mean, raised in secular circumstances with disdain for Judaism, it's no wonder many secular Jewish Israeli's are anti-Judaism. Further, the political system sets up a win-lose situation, I get national resources by making sure you don't, which puts groups in a natural conflict.

Not good, but understandable.

But, it's another to invite in those out to destroy everything your people are...

A major Christian TV network offered on Israeli cable and satellite television is broadcasting missionary advertisements directed at Jews.

The Dallas-based Daystar TV network, which is part of the basic cable program on both YES and HOT Israeli cable and satellite TV networks, broadcasts a medley of teachings from the New Testy, and includes 15-minute infomercials from the (not) 'Jewish' Voice Ministries International that targets a Jewish audience with the message of Jaysus.
The Phoenix-based Jewish Voice Ministries International calls itself "a worldwide outreach that is dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jaysus to the Jew first and also to the Gentile throughout the world," according to its Web site.

Full article here. Full self hatred to be found in the business offices of the YES and HOT Israeli cable and satellite TV networks.

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