Friday, March 30, 2007

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Pesach & The Emunah Lifestyle

by Akiva & R. Nati at Mystical Paths

During the year, the halacha (Jewish law) says that if one makes an unintentional error in kashrus (in the laws of kosher food), a small unintentional error is batul b'shishim, it's nullified if it's less than 1 part in 60. But not when it comes to Passover and chametz (leavened products). Whether it's 1 part in 10, 100, or 1000, the smallest amount of chametz non-kosher's everything in the mix.

Emunah (faith) seems to be a difficult path. People take exception to not being (seemingly) in control, and therefore resist emunah. But, belief and emunah are not the same thing. Worry and fear are equal to total complete disbelief. And, believe it or not, disbelief is tantamount to idol worship! Belief is not all or nothing, but emunah is.

Belief is subject to intellect, emunah is not. Emunah is belief without doubt. All of our perceptions, as well as our intellectual reasons, are defined by a process. We see or hear something, it's processed by our brains and we reach a conclusion based on our experiences. Emunah is not. It's the only free will you and I have.

Do we rely on Hashem and the words of His Torah, or our filtered experiential perceptions? Filtered by experience of the moment, culture of the moment, EGO of the moment, feelings and mood of the moment. We rely on G-d, the G-d of our fathers, Creator of the heavens and the earth. We invoke that almost timeless connection, beyond our momentary experience, beyond our rampaging egos, G-d of our fathers, of their fathers, of their fathers...Creator...

We rely on the one and only true constant in the universe, Hashem. He conceived and created and HE maintains HIS creation. Any other belief, in whole or even in part, is idol worship and a lie, 99.99999% truth and .000001% lie is 100% lie. Any mixture of truth and non-truth equals lie. Just like chometz on Pesach, even the smallest bit is prohibited, no quantity in the mixture can nullify.

This is your free will, faith, or not. Hints, maybe, but experiential evidence, no. Either you just choose to trust, or you don't. Middle ground is the place of mixtures, which is where falsehood starts.

First a person has to wake up and realize they're not driving the bus. Then, realize the Driver knows what He's doing. At which point it becomes possible to enjoy the ride.

Instead, G-d help us, there's an outright onslaught to the contrary...TV, radio, movies, we are bombarded with the lie. You are in control, it's all about you, feed the ego, focus on the self.

Pesach (Passover) is the season of our redemption, the time of our freedom. Freedom from what? B"H (thank G-d), we don't live in Mitzrayim, we're not slaves in Egypt. Are we? Are we slaves to the desires of the cultures of the lands in which we live? Are we slaves to our own egos???

If we cleanse ourselves of our inflated sense of self, if we can get rid of our puffed up egos for Pesach, then we will live in the time of our freedom. Then we will have made room for emunah, made a place to recognize the Driver of the bus. And perhaps, just maybe, be worthy of the season of our redemption. This year, please G-d, this year.

Shabbat Shalom, Chag Kasher v'Samayach - Good Shabbos, a Kosher and Happy Passover,
Reb Nati & Akiva

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