Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Emunah, It's a Lifestyle

Emunah is not just a term or a system of belief. Really, it's a total lifestyle. You have to choose to live emunah. It requires a total overhaul of where you are now. We make ourselves sick with a lack of it. Our fears, the stress, filled lives we lead are a result of a total lack of faith in our Creator. And this lack of faith is tantamount to Avoda zorah. If we are doeg worried about anything, the smallest thing, it's total disbelief in Hashem. We really need to wake up do t'shuva and really sincerely repent for not believing totally in Hashem.

The reason for all the lying, cheating, stealing, murder, all stem from disbelief. The "disengagement" is the biggest denial of Hashem. What if we all just believed that every detail of our daily lives was already prepared? We wouldn't have to struggle with anxiety, no need for shrinks or pills or drinking. You know "no worries man". We would not need insurance companies, doctors, lawyers, life would be well, like Gan Edan, paradise. We can live here in this world and truly be relaxed knowing, really knowing that every detail of our lives is fixed!

"What, Reb Nati, your gonna sit there and tell me, with all the problems that I have that I don't have to worry?" YES... "Yeah right!" No, really, we can lear to live (hopefully not to late, I might add) without a life focused on anger, fear, worry, stress, aggravation. Our worries and disbelief just compound everything and add to all the mess we call life. Olam Hazeh can be Olam Habah, this present world can be truly wonderful if you just realize that its all taken care of, every minute detail of every day is already prepared, believe it or not! Because He said so! You can take it to the bank and cash it!

Hashem's Blessings on all! ...Reb Nati

(The picture is of a mayan, a natural spring and pool, between the Jewish towns of Shiloh and Eli in the Shomron, West Bank. Near here the Mishkan, the portable Temple, stood for 400 years. In days gone by, our ancestors cleansed their bodies and souls in this place, in preparation for coming before the Divine Presence in the Mishkan. Nowadays, with the return of Jews and the addition of a little bit of cement, the boys cool off here during a hot summer, and the men cleanse their bodies and souls before the holy Shabbat. Click the pic for a larger view.)

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