Wednesday, November 29, 2006

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Whatever you do comes back to you

A guest dvar Torah from Reb Gutman Locks of the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel...

The mystical workings of the universal principle “portion across from portion” or “measure for measure” (mida kenegid mida) are seen in great detail in this week’s portion of the Torah.

Remember, the sole reason the Torah teaches us such a principle is to show us how it affects our lives today. When we see how it works in our daily lives we can direct our actions in order to bring the results we want.

Last year’s comments on this portion explain why this happened to Yacov from a spiritual perspective. Now we are trying to understand what brought these specific things to him from the physical perspective.

Yacov thought he was marrying Rachel but her father did a horrible thing. He took her older sister Leah and put her in Rachel’s place. This fooled Yacov into marrying the wrong woman!

What did Yacov do that brought this seemingly horrible thing to him? We know there are no accidents in the universe so all this must have come for a reason. What caused it to come the way it did?

Look back at what Yacov did. He also made a tricky switch. In order to receive his father’s blessing, he switched himself for his older sibling (Esau), just as these siblings (Leah and Rachel) were switched on him.

Yacov put himself (the younger) in his brother’s (the older) place to fool his father just as Lavan his father-in-law put his older daughter in the place of the younger one to fool Yacov. It is as if Lavan, acting as the agent of mida kenegid mida, was saying, “Since you switched the younger for the older, now the older must be switched for the younger. With trickery you took away the older, so with trickery I am going to put the older back.”

Yacov’s father’s eyes “were dim,” that is, it was dark for him and he could not see that the switch was being made. So too, when Yacov’s father-in-law tricked him, the room was dark and Yacov could not see that the switch was being made.

Because of his father-in-law, Yacov gave his greatest love and strength to the “wrong” daughter. Because of Yacov, his father Yitzchak gave his greatest love and blessings to the “wrong” son.

Leah, the switched woman, was really the woman Hashem intended for Yacov because she was his spiritual wife, but Yacov wanted Rachel, his earthly wife.

Yacov, the switched brother was the one Hashem really intended to receive his father’s blessing, but Yitzchak wanted to bless the wrong son, the one of the field, the earthy one.

As it turned out both switches were for the good, but neither man who was fooled knew this at the time.

So many of the details of what came to Yacov are rooted in what Yacov had done.

Now, see if you can find the source of some of the things that happen to you. What did you do that brought that particular result back to you? Did you force something on someone and now see something being forced on you? Did you move something in an unusual way? Say something? What somewhat unusual thing did you do? Although all things we do somehow bring similar consequences back to us, it is easier to see this when we examine the outstanding or unusual things we do.

Once you begin to recognize what brought those specific details back to you, you will be able to guide your future by more carefully directing your present deeds.

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