Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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United Jewish Communities Honor - Olmert

The following was forwarded to me by Shlomo Wollins of IsraelReporter.Com. In addition to the plan of the Orthodox Union to honor Prime Minister Olmert, it appears that the United Jewish Communities is honoring Olmert at their General Assembly in Los Angeles, tonight... The following thoughts say much!

On the eve of UJC's annual gala of self-aggrandizement and idealism, this year to be held in the City of Angels, I appeal to all of the attendees of the GA (General Assembly) to look deeply into their hearts and souls. The State of Israel finds itself in the most perilous, vulnerable position in its history, yet the North American Jewish leadership ignores all of the blatant signs of doom and continues to act in the manner of business as usual. Worse still, the Jewish Federation network has invited the leading culprit in Israel's impending demise to speak to its leadership -- more than 4,000 Jews -- to serve as a catalyst to raise more money for the failing government, and uses the war as a means of maintaining their jobs and social status.

Unfortunately, and tragically so, the answer to the Jewish State's severe security problems lay not in the monetary arena: no, Israel's downfall is her lack of leadership, lack of unity and emptiness of spirit. And, UJC and most of the other 52 member groups comprising The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations are guilty in their appeasement of Olmert and his cronies, and of providing nourishment to this hollow and shapeless state.

Since he has become Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert has done everything in his power to suppress the traditional Jews of Israel -- those who are arguably most loyal to Israel's Land and People -- and to empower the internal and external enemies of the Jewish State. He intentionally and purposefully executed a violent attack against the protectors of, and protestors at, Amona; he refused to argue for Prisoner of Zion status for Jonathan Pollard; he did nothing to protect the citizens of Sderot from the constant barrage of missile attacks months prior to the war; he insisted on administrative detention for protestors of his now obsolete and absurd "convergence" plan; he ignored three years' worth of planning by Israel's most knowledgeable, sophisticated military strategists, and, instead, micro-managed the war in Lebanon and northern Israel, causing the unnecessary deaths of dozens of courageous, trusting Israeli soldiers and reservists; he encouraged the disunity among Israel's soldiers and citizens by continuing his calls for withdrawals from Judea and Samaria while the fighting was ongoing; he employed a policy of appeasement of the media, foreign governments and United Nations, reflected in his acceptance of a self-destructive cease-fire that has empowered Hezbollah and all of Israel's enemies by enabling the terrorist organization to regroup and re-arm with even more technologically-advanced weaponry, and by bringing a questionable (at best) force of soldiers smack against Israel's northern border; he failed to make preparations for the caring of the victims of rocket attacks in the North; he denied the formation of an independent commission to investigate the horrendous operations during the war...and, much more. In general, Olmert has displayed a complete lack of leadership since he has assumed power. Yet, this is the man UJC has chosen to feature and honor in its biggest event of the year.

Since the war, UJC has raised more than $330 million for Israel, through the Israel Emergency Campaign. Several weeks ago, Howard Rieger, the president of UJC, became quite defensive; he responded to an article about the IEC by claiming that only 3% of all funds raised had gone to non-Jews. The UJC intentionally mislead its donors through the use of two separate IEC updates, the second of which contained omissions and additions. In a related matter: Until two weeks ago, the UJC, as a whole, failed to provide any assistance whatsoever to the expellees from Gush Katif and northern Samaria. For 14 months, not one dime was given to our fellow Jews who had been encouraged by successive governments to settle in those communities. Within the past 14 days, UJC has provided the more than 9,000 victims with a sum of $40,000 of the $400,000 it had allocated "...for trauma relief for those evacuated from the Gaza Strip during the disengagement, to help these Israelis adjust to new homes and communities and rebuild their lives." The total allocation comes to less than $3.20 cents per month per Jew. During this same time, United JEWISH Communities has given at least $9 million to non-Jews in Israel!

I beg of you: At the GA, speak out loudly against Prime Minister Olmert's self-destructive, evil, faithless conduct. And, demand that UJC live up to its claims of helping ALL JEWS. Finally, insist that the Federation network clearly explain to whom the dollars raised will be going. Donors deserve to know the destinations of their hard-earned, compassionately-given contributions.

Please examine and analyze these extremely crucial issues. Do not be an appeaser; be an independent thinker and activist on behalf of the Jewish People and Israel.

By B. of NJ


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