Thursday, November 09, 2006

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To Those Who Trust In Hashem

Or to those who Ignore the Truth...

Tehillim 125: A song of ascents; "Those who trust in Hashem are like mount Zion that that does not topple, but forever abides. Jerusalem, mountains surround it and Hashem surrounds His people, from this time until eternity. For rest shall not the rod of wickness upon the lot of the righteous, so that they shall extend not their hands, the righteous, into iniquity. Do good, Hashem to the good people, and to the upright in their hearts. But to those who turn to their perverseness, Hashem will lead them with the do'ers of iniquity; Peace upon Israel!"

Those who trust in G-d will be secure in his protection. the righteous are likened to mount Zion in that Hashem spirit will always remain there with them just as it dose with Mount Zion.

"Jerusalem, mountains surround it". Jerusalem is surounded by protective mountains, the avot, the fathers). Both the physical and spiritual mountains provide strategic advantage, David warns us that the city/we are defenseless unless G-d Himself guards it. Only when Hashem enwraps His Nation are the people truly secure. (Radak)

"The rod of wickedness shall not rest upon the righteous". Jersalem is the lot where the righeous are destined to settle. The enemies of Israel (notice it does not say the 'nations', it uses the word 'enemy's', not necessarily foreigners, but those against ISRAEL and what she stands for!) will attempt to remove the city from Jewish rule, but they will fail.

"So that the righteous shall not extend their hands into iniquity". The wicked will not gain ascendancy among Jersalem's righteous, lest the righteous learn from their evil ways.

We see this even now, the open warfare declared on the righteous, open hatered from the sinners against the righteous, the vicious way they attack, it's overwhelming to see, you really feel the hate.

"Do good, Hashem to good people". In this bitter darkness of exile, it is easy to lose sight of the Divine Presence. David now prays for the righteous who struggle to be free of moral degradation, the exact opposite of the "PRIDE PEOPLE" "May those of pure spirit understand the secret of Divinity", which is the highest goodness man can achieve. They want to disconect us for Hashem, they want to cut or life line and cause our spiritual death.

"But those who turn to their perverseness." The opposite of the the upright, who are sincere, are those who are inherently crooked and distort the truth will always resort to dishonesty whenever the truth will impede their plans. Thus, they turn to their perverseness, and IGNORE THE TRUTH!!!

"Peace upon Israel!" (The last comment is removed upon the advice of Israeli internal security, as it could be misinterpreted to be considered provocative.)

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