Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Provacation & Conspiracy

Commentor Peretz was at the protests last night and has this to say...

The protests against the parade are peaceful... at least they start that way until the Yassamnikim come with their clubs. I was down there last night, and the violence gets started by the Yassamnikim and then gets escalated because the people don't capitulate, they fight back. Just like at Amona. At Amona, it was repeated over and over again before they came that there should be no violence. People were just sitting in front of the government forces in peaceful protest and we were charged with horses and clubs. After witnessing this, people started fighting back, naturally.

That's the way government manipulation of this situation works. Set the stage, incite the riot, then break the rioters.

I haven't had time to dig through some material that was sent, but a few others have. Just because people are conspiracy theorists doesn't mean there isn't an actual conspiracy and they're not right.

The Ford Foundation of America is funding the Immoral Pride Parade, as well as the cost of flying in to participate. They are doing this by directly funding same-gender oriented Jewish organizations to the tune of millions of dollars, including the Jerusalem Open House that's responsible for the parade.

A little more on this can be found at these links (below). These are conspiracy sites (always a little wacky and way off the wall), but the data they cite is right off the Ford Foundation web site. A big tip to Elisheva for gathering and distributing the data. Note even Rabbi Brody (somewhat cryptically) mentions his sources stating that Ford is behind this.

It all Begins with a Ford
Stop the Ford!
Ford and the MidEast Trade Bloc

And finally, the Muqata will be posting an article today about how he thinks the ultra-orthodox are over-reacting and have caused attention to fall on the parade that otherwise would have been a minor small affair mostly ignored, and the great negative results of that attention (like informing children about the topic). I sent him these thoughts back...

I agree there's probably politics, manipulation, and even provacator's! I further agree the level of publicity has been very negative, with a cross family impact as you noted (even here with my children, who read blogs).

Yet all of this was true with Gaza and the settlers as well. Politics, power plays, demonization.

The Israeli government, perhaps starting with Rabin and certainly perpetuated by Sharon and now Olmert, has created a pattern of personal manipulation at the severe expense of it's citizens, overriding any mandates, presented political positions, consideration or desires of the public, or even (or perhaps most importantly) reasonable safety of the nation.

The national religious were very strong, the government did a great job of neutralizing that. Others, especially the Charedim, should have helped.

The Charedim, in their context, are also very strong. But, (G-d forbid) not after this week.

Like Pharoah cowed the Yisraelim and Stalin the ethnic citizens of the USSR, the Israeli power elite are cowing those who threaten their stranglehold, the national religious and the charedim.

Divide and conquer works well.

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