Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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Live Report from the Jerusalem Front!

Hebrew Poster
The Poster Reads:

It's Prohibited to Stay Home,
In the Time of Desecration of the Torah of Israel,
Everyone's Coming!

These are the posters found throughout the religious sections of Jerusalem.

Security Forces on Horseback
Tonight, thousands of protestors expressed their opinion of the Immoral Pride Parade scheduled for this Friday. Thousands of Yassamnik Police, those who expelled the Jews of Gush Katif and then violently beat and expelled the Jews of Amona met the protestors to inform them of the government's opinion. That is, it's legal, permitted and desired for same gender immoral paraders to express their opinion, but it is illegal, unwanted, not permitted, and will be violently beaten for the religious to express theirs.

My friend Shlomo Wollins of IsraelReporter.Com, who was at Gaza and at Amona, was there tonight. He met some old 'friends' face to face on their horses in Kikar Shabbat (between the Meah Shearim and Geulah ultra-orthodox neighborhoods). Same huge riot horses donated by Germany, same 'guys' on top of horses that he saw in Gaza, Chevron, and Amona. They're back, and this time the charedim, the ultra-orthodox, are their target. These black or grey uniformed 'security' forces come with no name tags, no badges or id, just clubs and shields and experience at dealing out pain.

Burning Trash Dumpster
The protestors used means at hand. Garbage bins were lit on fire, groups shouted and threw stones (not stones as reported by the international press, when Palestinians throw bricks and cinder blocks, but real hand held stones, mildly painful for unprepared police, only mildly annoying for armored shielded black clad forces.)

It's only Monday night, 4 days to go until the Immoral Pride Parade, yet the protestors are also ramping up. A young man, 19 or 20, who had an old truck quickly stopped it in the middle of the intersection, jumped out and LITE IT ON FIRE...

Truck On Fire
The young man was very proud to have sacrificed his truck to the holy purpose of protesting the Immoral Pride Parade. He was positively thrilled at having merited to do this and had to be convinced to move away quietly before the security forces captured him.

The horses were charging down the streets attempting to trample the protestors. Some were injured, a few severely. The government has ordered up 12,000, that's right 12,000, police and security forces to protect the parade. Note at least half of these forces are being called away from terrorist and town protection duty.

Shlomo, while taking pictures with his press pass prominantly displayed in front of a large ultra-orthodox crowd of young men, was shouted at by one of the 'security' force...

The Yassamnik said "It's lo yofe' (not nice) that they're yelling at us, that they're calling us Nazi's!"

Shlomo responded, outraged shouting back in front of the crowd:

"What about Gush Katif? That was not nice!
And Amona? And Chevron (the evac of the 'shuk')? Also not nice!
Take your traitors and go to Tel Aviv!"

The Yassamnik was shocked, but fortunately the crowd behind Shlomo was large and, though on horseback, the Yassamnik's weren't in sufficient numbers (yet) to charge it. He was fortunate not to be arrested.

Man Arrested
Other news sources report at least 20-60 protestors arrest, and at least one boy was beaten almost to death. Please pray for recovery for Eliyahu Moshe ben Shoshana, in critical condition.

With Gaza, one sector of religious Jews in Israel was attacked, beaten and broken. Today, the attack on the next sector, the charedim, has begun. Armilus and the Erev Rav cannot let their grip on power weaken, and have no hesitation at playing into the hands of the Yeter to allow an assault on the kedusah of Jerusalem. Clearly, from Gaza and the north, placing their own people at great risk or attacking them directly is absolutely fine.

My friends, pray, write, act. Though it isn't looking good, we are obligated to do our part. Perhaps it will make the difference.

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