Friday, November 10, 2006

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FYI - The Mayor of Jerusalem Replies

I emailed the Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Uri Laplionski, regarding the Immoral Pride Parade, noting a promise to post this fact and his reply. Here it is...

Jerusalem, November 2006
Cheshvan 5767

Dear Sir / Dear Madam, (Umm, no, those SirMadams are the Parade marchers)

In answer to your letter to the Mayor’s Office regarding the scheduled gay pride parade in Jerusalem, I would like to advise you that neither the Jerusalem Municipality nor the Mayor have any authority to permit of forbid any parade in the city. The only authority in this matter belongs to the Israeli Police, which unlike in other cities in the world is independent and not subordinated to the Mayor. (True, but what a statement it would be if the mayor himself protested against it with the populace, or even quit over it. That would be called mesiras nefesh for your principles, not politics.)

The Mayor’s sincere opinion and belief is that the gay pride parade should not take place in Jerusalem, on account of her essence as the Holy City, as well as the firm objection of the three monotheistic religions and concern for the denigration of the relationship between the different populations of the city. (That's very PC of you.)

This parade, is not promoting the rights of any population, on the contrary, it generates provocations and quarrels.

The management of the municipality and the Mayor unanimously oppose the parade being held in Jerusalem. They have asked the police to forbid the parade which will damage the sanctity of this city together with the unity of its residents. The Israeli Police decided not to permit the parade to take place in Jerusalem but recently the matter was brought to court and unfortunately the Supreme Court decided to allow the parade to take place on November 10th. Efforts are still continuing to prevent this parade from taking place in the city. (Only in Israel does the court think it has the right to rule on such matters, override police concerns, override the mayor, and [this is the important part] everyone actually listens to them.)

Yours truly,
Michal Sharvit
Foreign Relations Coordinator to the Mayor of Jerusalem

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