Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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The Immoral Parade - Jerusalem !!

by Akiva & R. Nati & Nava

The International Immoral-Impure Parade (more not here on this blog, but here in the news) is set for Jerusalem next Friday, erev Shabbat.

Do you know what next Friday is??? There are no coincidences in this world, all is by the hand of the Almighty! It just so happens that the ultimate public display of ta'avot and immorality in Israel, and as specifically stated by the organizers, the world, is scheduled to take place on Erev Shabbos Parshat Vayera, the parsha from the Torah that desrcibes the destruction of Sodom and Gemorah. Wow. Now there's a wild coincidence, huh?

The hebrew date of the parade is the 19th of the Hebrew month of Mar Cheshvan. 19 in Gematria is טבח - slaughter - אויב - enemy.

My dear fellow Yidden (Jews) and other welcome friendly readers, if there is a G-d in this world who cares and is involved in this world, then there are no coincidences. The warning of Sodom and Gemorah is set next to the strength to slaughter our enemies! Our choice.

Or, perhaps all is natural and random order. In that case, the organizers of the parade are correct! We should enjoy to the maximum every aspect of our limited and exclusive physical natures. Because when we die, we're gone. So live for the day, for there is no tomorrow.

Our choice.

Sit back, be quiet, you can't do anything anyway.

Our choice.

How can you be heard by a government far away?

Our choice.

They don't listen to us, they never listen to us.

Your choice.

Abraham Dicter , Minister of Internal Security
-- Fax (US) 011-972-2-6496168, (International) +972-2-6496168
-- Fax (Israel) 02-6496168
-- Phone (US) 011-972-2-6753727, (International) +972-2-6753727
-- Phone (Israel) 02-6753727
-- Email adichter@knesset.gov.il

Mayor Lopianski of Jerusalem
-- Fax (US) 011-972-2-6296014, (International) +972-2-6296014
-- Fax (Israel) 02-6296014
-- Email lpuri@jerusalem.muni.il

Jerusalem Police
-- Fax (US) 011-972-2-5391391, (International) +972-2-5391391
-- Fax (Israel) 02-5391391

Other government minister's contact info.

UPDATE: More Contact Info -

Superintendent of Jerusalem Police, Mr. Ilan Franco
-- Fax (US) 011-972-2-5391466, (International) +972-2-5391466
-- Phone (US) 011-2-972-5391100, (International) +972-2-5391100
-- Email mafkal@police.gov.il

Members of Knesset on the Interior Ministry Committee that will decide if the parade will take place:

MK Eli Yishai, Head of Shas faction:
-- Fax (US) 011-972-2-6662252, (International) +972-2-6662252
-- Phone (US) 011-972-2-6408406, (International) +972-2-6408406
-- Email lishka.sar@moital.gov.il, eyishay@knesset.gov.il

MK Edri, Minister of Jerusalem:
-- Fax (US) 011-972-2-6753929, (International) +972-2-6753929
-- Phone (US) 011-972-2-6753939, (International) +972-2-6753939
-- Email yedri@knesset.gov.il

MK Hirshson: ahirshson@knesset.gov.il
MK Gidon Ezra: gezra@knesset.gov.il
MK Yuli Tamir: ytamir@knesset.gov.il
MK Roni Baron: rbaron@knesset.gov.il
MK Yitzchak Herzog: iherzog@knesset.gov.il
MK Pines-Paz: pinespaz@knesset.gov.il
MK Rafi Eitan: reitanhantman@knesset.gov.il
MK Yitzchak Cohen: izchakec@knesset.gov.il
MK Eitan Kabel: ecabel@knesset.gov.il

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