Monday, July 02, 2007

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The Shield of Merit

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

(Brief note, this is an old post that we never put up by Reb Nati. Since he hasn't been able to post for a while, I touched this up for sharing...Akiva.)

In Parshat Haazinu, Moshe Rabaynu (Moses our Teacher) calls heaven and earth to bear witness to the "sorot" problems that will befall us if sin.

And in this generation, perhaps at "the end of time", or if not, certainly after a lot of Jewish history, we can look back and testify that it is all true. We have seen all of this happen, and is happening to us. Our Father has warned us and we have failed to heed His voice.

Hashem organized every detail of history down to the borders of nations and their kings. And to us He gave...Himself, a relationship. He has guarded and cared for us until today.

We left Him time and again, deserting our Creator for the created... Hashem says "I will hide My face from them and watch to see what the result will be". "A generation of reversals, children who's lineage is not in them". They don't resemble their avot (fathers/ancestors). "They provoked me with a non-god and angered me with there vanities"; so measure for measure "I will provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them". We see this today, the palestinians are not a people yet we can't be rid of their provocations, and the eruv rav is corrupt and vile yet we can't seem to keep them from taking power. Mida Kneged Mida (measure for measure).

The list that follows in the parshah (Torah portion) is pretty, evils, arrows, flaming demons, famine, Hamas (yes it says Hamas by name)...

Does not look too good. Yet, past tense, "I will scatter them, they will be forgotten by the nations". Been there done that.

"Mine is the vengeance and retribution at the time when their foot will falter, for the day of catastrophes near, and future events are rushing at them." A fearful time, our foot falters and our zechut avot has ended. Of course, these two are one. Israel was founded in the merit of the zechut avot, on the historical merits of our forefathers. On the promises to Avraham, Yitzchok, and Yaakov.

But the shield of that merit is not unlimited. Eventually, that merit reaches it's limit, and then we are dependent on the deeds of our day. This is why we worry so much about the Same Gender Relationship Pride Parade, or gross Shabbos desecration by the State, or the promotion of pork products within the Land.

However, there is good news. Those who cling to Hashem with emunah, with the simple faith of our forefathers, He shall relent regarding his servants. This is why, in this time, faith in Hashem is the key.

And, as the parsha states, when our enemies shout that their strength has overcome us, when they fail to realize that only by Hashem turning his back are they given strength, then Hashem will stand up and teach them otherwise.

May it be today.

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