Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Teshuvah Redux

Neshama commented...

Now is not the time for philosophizing on Teshuva. When the house is on fire it needs water to put it out. The Oilam (world) is going bananas in Eretz HaKodesh (the Holy Land), trying to figure out what to do. And if they are not, that's a sign of more trouble.

Israel and all Yisroel are in trouble right now. Do you think that "by the might of our hands, we will win this war"? That is kefira (heresy). Only by the might of Hashem will there be a change in the situation.

THE BEST WEAPON AGAINST THE ENEMY IS TO INCREASE YOUR DEDICATION TO HASHEM, BOTH IN RUCHNIUS (the spiritual, aka. take on an additional Mitzva or Hiddur Mitzva) AND GASHMIUS (the physical, aka. give more in Tzedaka, both monetarily and personally).

TESHUVA is returning to Hashem. What does that mean? Hashem blew from Himself into our bodies to give them Holy life. He needs us to live a Holy life - all the time.

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