Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Yerushalmi commented...

Sin is when we turn our backs to HaShem. In this stance, we have broken off communication since we speak face-to-face. After awhile, we can forget the One standing right behind us since we don't see Him, but He is always there, waiting for us to turn around, remember Him and start the conversation up again.

Teshuva is when we stop facing away from G-d, turn around and meet Him face-to-face (again).

Alternatively, it is to walk in the same direction with G-d, not to be walking away (or running away) from Him. To be in agreement with Him about the direction our lives should be taking.

When we have been standing a long time with our backs to HaShem, it may feel as if we have traveled far, far away from Him...too far to travel back, but in reality, He is just right behind us and all we really have to do is...turn around. That's teshuva.

Very nice, yasher koach!

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