Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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We heard a report from G-d

"We heard a report from G-d, a messenger was sent to the nations, get up, lets wage war against her."

In the first verse of the navi (prophet) Ovadiah, the Malbim comments: this verse refers to the war of Gog uMagog, between the decendents of Yishmael and Edom.

So what are the decendents of Yishmael and Edom fighting over? They're fighting over the bracha, the blessings of Avraham (Abraham) and Yizchok (Issac) that were given to Yaakov (Jacob).

The nations will send messangers to each other to organize an attack.

Ibn Ezra comments: "So many nations will desire to wage war against her that will seem as if they have sent messangers and coordinated."

Malbim continues: The war will begin by Edom capturing the land of Israel from "the Arab nation", then ruling it. The other Arab nations of the region will avenge their brother's defeat by waging war against Edom.

There's 2 ways to look at this. Either this is getting ready to happen and an Arab nation is preparing to attack Israel (Iran anyone?) or this happened already (Ottoman empire, Israel taken by the British, and post independence supported by the American's, all of which represent the xian West which is Edom.)

Hmmm. More to come.

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