Friday, December 16, 2005

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Video: The Reflection of Good, Evil Stands Up and Says Hello

For there to be free choice in the world, good must have it's reflection in evil. It can't appear weaker or doomed for failure, it appears to be on par with the good.

We keep hearing more about the possibility imminent geulah (redemption) and Moshiach (righteous redeemer). Now we hear from and about the possibility of imminent destruction and the wicked destroyer...

(English, 9 minutes, British News Report)
Video: Iranian President Declaring Goal of Destruction of Israel and the Jews, Imminent Return of Islamic Prophet, and divine intervention during his speech.

Listen to what this man has to say! He's out to destroy Israel and the Jew's. He's out to bring the world under Islamic domination. He believes heavenly light surrounds him when he speaks and subdues the leaders of the world before him. He's doing everything within his power to acquire and/or develop nuclear weapons and long range missiles. He's instructing his people to prepare for the return of his ancient prophet. He's 100% serious.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (an international Jewish human rights & Holocaust organization) is running an online petition to the U.N. General Assembly to respond to this man's evil statements, click here. Personally I think the U.N. has absolutely no capability to do anything, even if they wanted to, and regarding Jews I don't think they want to. But, it can't hurt to try (though that may be arguable).

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