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Repairing the Struggle of Good and Evil

In today's parsah (torah reading), the fourth aliyah, in the the last perek (verse 24), we find the begining of the tikun (repair) for the eternal struggle between Yaakov and Esav, (between good and evil).

We have the birth of Yosef Haztadik (Joseph the Righteous, aka mashiach ben yosef) (who is from the sephirah of yesod of teferit). We note that the eyin harah (evil eye) has no effect on him, as such the desire for the material has no power over him. Conversely, Esav is the prince of this material world (who's primary weapon is the enticement of the eye).

Rashi (major Jewish commentator) states "that the adversay of Easv had been born"...

(Ovadiah 1:18) "then the house of Yaakov will be a fire, and the house of Yosef a flame, and the house of Easv, will be staw"...

Rashi "And a Fire without a Flame has no power at distance". I derive from that, Edom comes from afar. It appears from the text that the downfall of Esav will be through the element of fire.

(Ovadiah 1:18) "they (Yaakov and Yosef) will alight and consume them". "There will be no surviviors from the house of Esav, for Hashem has spoken."

Most commentaries say that "the house of Yaakov and the house of Yosef are synonymous terms for the Israelite nation."

Malbim says the verse refers to the war of Gog and MaGog; "house of Yosef refers to Mashiach ben Yosef, or to the Ten (lost) Tribes."

Rabbi Chelbo asked Rabbi Shmuel ben Nachmani? "Why did Yaakov only ask to leave after the birth of Yosef. It is written "after Rochel had given birth to Yosef, Yaakov asked Lavan, 'Let me leave'". Reb Shmuel Nachmani answered, "because Yaakov perceived that only Yosef's decendents will be capable of defeating Esav's decendents", as is evident in the verse (Ovadiah 1:18) "The House of Esav is straw." Metzudot says this means "non substantial and consumed quickly".

Others say this means that the nations who will assemble to attack Israel in the war of Gog uMagog will end up destroying one another, just like one piece of burning straw ignites the next (commentary from the Malbim).

For "G-d has spoken". Rashi says "Edom shall be demolished but Israel shall be triumphant". "Out of Yaakov shall come an absolute ruler who will obliterate them."

Are we seeing the beginning of the end? And note, clearly from the prophecies the nations involved are leading world powers. If we wait every day for Moshiach and truly consider it possible that he may come any time, any day, any year, can we there for pretend that it can't be (insert Western nation here) because they're ok to the Jew's today?

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