Thursday, December 22, 2005

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Prophecy? Heavenly Insight?

A Navi, a prophet, predicts the future and those predictions are recorded. If any are inaccurate, the prophet is invalid, the prophecies are discarded.

Ruach HaKodesh is a kind of heavenly insight. It's some unique saintly people who get some insights in to heavenly plans and opportunities to react to them (such as trying to avert a harsh decree.) Is successful influencing and negating of such a decree (or other people doing so) invalidate the insight? No, rather the opposite from the heavenly scheme of things. From the earthly perspective it would appear otherwise.

The young child who's information was formerly being posted to ErevMoshiach (now offline) has some updates. But, he's not presenting himself as a Navi, a prophet. That sets it in a bit of context...

...G-d willing what they are saying will become reality on 25 Kislev (which corresponds to this coming Sunday after sundown, which is also the 1st night of Chanukah, the lighting of the first Chanukah light):

* Shooting stars on each night of Chanukah. Moshiach is in the star(s).

* The non-Jews will think the star is a rock that is going to crush them, but the Jews will tell them that it is Moshiach.

Hmmm. (Note this is an excerpt from a larger insight, but the most apparent.)

Yeranen Yaakov lists another interesting sign of geulah (redemption) times, here.

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