Friday, December 23, 2005

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Prayer is the focus.

"In the early generations of the Sages of the Mishna and Gemora... Torah study was constant and their primary service... the time just preceding the coming of Moshiach, Torah study is not constant because of the difficulties of our times.

The primary service in the period just preceding the coming of Moshiach is prayer as Rabbi Chayim Vital (zt"l) writes in Etz Chayim and Pri Etz Chayim...

It is literally a Torah mandate to those who (can perform) contemplation and meditation, each to his ability, (to meditate during prayer) ... in Psukai d'zimra and the two pre-Shema blessings." - Tanya, Kuntres Acharon, #8.

Here the Baal HaTanya tells us that prayer is, in this time, a more important focus than Torah learning, and further we are literally required to not only pray, but meditate on the greatness of G-d and by doing so, generate love and fear of G-d in our daily prayer.

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