Thursday, December 01, 2005

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Oh Come On, You've Got To Be Kidding

In the, you've got to be kidding, this can't be for real department...

Britney Spears (well known pop music person) is said to have been approached by representatives of Kabbalah (meaning the Kabbalah Centre) to write a religiously (???) themed book for children.

The pop princess, who became a follower of the mystical Jewish faith after being introduced to it by Madonna, may become the latest star to write a Kabbalah story for kids.

Madonna has signed books like 'The English Roses' and 'Yakov and the Seven Thieves', inspired by her Kabbalah beliefs.

Britney Spears is said to be keen on the idea of following the pop queen’s footsteps and start writing a book inspired by the religion's teachings, especially now, when she is completely dedicated to her baby son.

Well, I'm very happy she's dedicated to raising her child and that child's welfare. However, her public image is anything but child oriented. Would you give your young child a book from a woman who sells promiscuity? (Or for that matter any child of any age???)

Is this for real?

(Source article here, hat tip A Simple Jew.)

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