Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Kabbalah on the Personal Side

Theoretical Kabbalah discusses how the world operates. Like science describes from atoms to planets, kabbalah describes spiritual interactions from the large to the small.

The large deals with concepts such as tzimtzum, how an infinite omnipresent being 'contracts' or reduces his presence in an area to make a space for a finite world. These are interesting concepts that can help us understand how close yet far we are from the divine.

But I've received some questions about the more personal interacting kabbalah concepts...

Mazel - commonly translated as luck, sometimes thought of as ones destiny.

Segulah - commonly thought of as an item or thing to do to change one's blessings or luck.

Tikun - commonly thought of as a repentence prayer or action.

G-d willing, and assuming there's interest (comment button is below :-), over the next couple of days together with R. Nati, I'll delve in to these further.


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