Monday, December 05, 2005

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Info on Netanya

As I'm checking the news this morning, I note with horror and anger that once again a homicide bomber has attacked the mall in Netanya, Israel. Anyone who thinks there is anything remotely rational about this or about a possible solution to it is sadly out of touch with the insane reality.

On a previous attack at the same spot, I wrote this post with has background and pictures of Netanya. Who's there, who's getting attacked and killed.

I've lived in Netanya and shopped at that mall. In the last few attacks their security has been sufficiently good that no bomber has penetrated the mall itself, they tend to get the crowd either at the door going through security or at nearby high traffic street corners (and unfortunately usually the heroic security guards that stopped them from getting in). At this time I haven't any details in this case.

G-d should avenge the fallen blood of the innocent. You don't often hear me respond that way, but that's a Jewish response too.

Aug-23 016
Outside the shuk, open market, in Netanya, not the location of the attack but about a 1/2 mile away.

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