Friday, December 02, 2005

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A Good Mystical Book

"The Mystical Tradition - An overview of the general nature of Jewish mysticism, its place within Judaism, the unique aspects that distinguish it from non-Jewish mysticism, and the significance of its dissemination in modern times."

A commentor asked, what's "mysticism"? How's it relate to modern day normative Judaism?

This book does a scholarly job of answering those questions. It's a bit of a professorish approach, yet exactly by being a bit formal and approaching what can be a very difficult to quantify subject with formal rigor, he's able to firmy define and leave the subject perfectly grasp-able.

He doesn't leave you wondering or hang in the space of pure feeling and experiences (you know it's mystical when you feel it, I don't think so). He doesn't leave you in the space of the odd, incomprehensible or fancy (but perhaps meaningless) terminology. When you're done, you know what it is, you know what it isn't.

Check it out.

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