Friday, December 09, 2005

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Gevurah or Chesed

A Simple Jew asked a great question...

the Torah tells us that on an earlier occasion (Bereishis 25:28) that Yitzchak loved Esav "because his game was in his [Yitzchak's] mouth". - thus seemingly implying that Yitzchak ate the meat Esav slaughtered.

Since we know that Yitzchak Avinu was a man of great spiritual sensitivity, how could he eat meat slaughtered by someone like Esav?

I answered: Because of his love for his first born son, he allowed himself to be taken in by Esav, who was the great pretender. Similarly and in an identical example, we see that Yitzchok was going to give the brachot to Esav, and it was only the binah of Rochel that protected against this.

Yitchok, being focused on Gevurah, he nullified his attribute of stern judgement in favor of Chesed when it came to Esav, being a father. He closed his eyes to many things to avoid having to move to din, especially considering this was his area of focus.

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