Thursday, December 15, 2005

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Geulah Buzz! Redemption Time?

Geulah buzz! Is the Redemption, the end of the final Jewish exile, the return of G-d's Holy Presence in this world, imminent??? Or, G-d forbid, is this being over hyped, too much focus, looking for too many microscopic hints in a sea of events?

Last year I spent a lot of time on this, posted a lot of links to seemingly prophetic statements from mekubalim (saintly and righteous kabbalists) and chassidic rebbaim (saintly, righteous and scholarly grand rabbi leaders of chassidic movements). But, generally speaking, in the obviously physical sense, most of those statements didn't come true. And a prophet who's statements didn't come true loses his status as a potential prophet.

I'm a little hesitant to get in to it again, I think there's a bit of a cycle of hype which is unhealthy. As Pirke Avos (Ethics of Our Fathers) says, "Repent one day before you die", but of course since no one knows when this is, one should repent and improve one's divine service every day! Is this any different with the Geulah (redemption) and Moshiach (righteous redeemer)? G-d willing, he'll come today! And if not, tomorrow! And of course, we're responsible to do everything we can every day to be worthy today, and even more tomorrow.

Regardless, here's a few updates on the subject that are worth noting, in context of the above:

Lazer Beams notes here and here that water seepage from the Temple Mount is getting more serious. This is discussed as a major sign of the impending geulah (redemption).

Erev Moshiach was a strange Jewish prophecy site. It's now offline, but by email this note came out: "the child says everything is 'on schedule' for Chanukah, and that after the shooting star the "actions" would begin. When asked how long they would last and he said "three years, like I said before, but it won't seem that long".

His father asked if he would have to work during the actions, and he said 'no, the war will be the most important thing.'"

What should one do to prepare for this momentous occasion? Some recommend immediately moving to Israel (according to some this is a suggestion from Rav Kaduri, the righteous and saintly elder kabbalist), some recommend immediate teshuvah (repentence and returning to G-d). If you can turn your life upside down in a day, these are good suggestions. If not (if you're human like most of us), I recommend making tomorrow just a little tiny bit better than today. Give a little extra charity (just a dollar more), or add 5 minutes of prayer, or do 1 kind deed, starting tomorrow. And then next week you can add just a little bit more again (on top of this week's addition). This is the sustainable path, and G-d forbid if the ultimate time doesn't immediately begin, you will have made yourself and the world a little bit better place and brought yourself a little bit closer to G-d, in a fashion that you can continue to do and continue to improve upon.

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