Sunday, December 25, 2005

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The Essence, the Reason for Our Existence

...While I was very distressed by your letter in which you cry bitterly over the "great floods" which constantly inundate you (may God have mercy on you from now on), there was one thing which really made me happy. I saw that, with God's help, your heart is strong in its great desire and yearning for God and His Torah. This is extremely valuable. May you continue to yearn and to long intensely for Him all your life, because God values these holy yearnings and desires them very much.

Know and remember this well, my son: Man came into the world only to believe in God. This is the reason for his creation and the entire world and everything in it which depend on Man. This is expressed in the verse (Psalms 33:4), "All of His works are by faith." A person must constantly renew his belief in God and his yearning for Him. We have inherited our belief from our ancestors and the essence of our belief is relying on them and walking in their ways. Nonetheless, belief in God must spring forth anew in a person each day, it must go into his heart and soul and expand his awareness each day anew, as it is written: "these words which I command you today will be upon your heart." The Sages comment: "View them as new every day, and do not let them be like an old edict which no one considers important" (Rashi, Deuteronomy 6:6). It is no coincidence that this statement is made in the paragraph containing "Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, the Lord is One," because it is our belief in One God which is the foundation of the entire Torah, and it is precisely this holy belief which must be reborn each day.

From a letter from Rabbi Noson of Breslov, the foremost disciple and scribe of the rebbe of Breslov chassidus, Rabbi Nachman m'Breslov, zt"l. (Picked up today from Breslov.Org.)

It just happened (as if things just happen) that today I was distressed and wondering what's the reason for my existence. And pitom (boom), this message awaited me when I stopped by the Breslov.Org website. Thank you Hashem, kind words from a loving father.

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