Friday, September 02, 2005

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Connections between American Politics on Israel and Katrina?

There's been a series of posts about American international politics, particularly U.S. pressuring Israel, and natural disasters (including the latest, Katrina) inside the U.S., among a couple of Jewish blogs. There's also a couple of Jewish blogs refuting it all as nonsense. Here's a bit of a roundup:

Is Katrina a Divine Response to U.S. Pressure on Israel?


Rabbi Brody - Lazer Beams: Hashem speaks to us by way of our environment.
Sultan Knish: Hurricanes and Gaza.
Sultan Knish: Gaza and Katrina.
Yeranen Yaakov: Gaza and Katrina.
End of Days: Katrina and Gog u Magog?
Mystical Paths: Wake Up and Hear The Message (note the comments)
Sultan Knish: Class 4 Hurricanes
Sultan Knish: Katrina / Gaza Timeline
Mystical Paths: Torah Code-Katrina!


Hirhurim: Evacuation Tragedies
DovBear: G-d and Katrina
OrthoMom: Who Knew?
Bloghead: ATFAT (a turn for a turn)
DovBear: Bloggers who Reject Katrina Theodicy
Cross Currents: Lessons of Katrina?
Renegade Rebbitzen: Flaming Venom (a must read!)

So there you have it! Glad to have cleared that up for you.

Regardless of your opinion, there is no question that we have an obligation to help those so desparately in need.

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