Friday, July 22, 2005

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Technical Changes - Listen to this Article, Podcast Feed and more.

This is a technical post, noting some new capabilities I've added to the blog.

1. Listen to this Article. If you go to the end of the posts, you'll see a new clickable label, "Listen to this article". Clicking it will get you an MP3 audio download of a computerized reading of the article. It's pretty neat, will help anyone with sight or reading limitations, and will also allow you to download the blog for listening later. However, place names and hebrew or transliterated words don't come out great, well, what can you do?

To subscribe to this site as a Podcast with the articles read by computer, click this button to the right: +Talkr

These features are courtesy of Talkr - Letting Blogs Speak!. Check it out.

2. For those who like to subscribe and use Feester, a single button click to add this blog to your Feedster list has been added. Just click it (over there, top right). +Feedster

Hopefully you'll find these features of interest.


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