Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Space Station Alpha

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I love space travel. It fires the imagination and shows incredible wonders of G-d's universe. It helps us relate to awesome force and power on a scale that we can barely imagine. It also helps us relate to our significance. Perhaps we can't grasp the concept of awe of G-d, but we can look at the measure of the universe and relate to the significance of a single person in light of billions of stars and millions of galaxies. From there, it gives us a perspective to relate even higher.

With concern over the current times (in the world and especially in Israel) and noting how many events seem to be falling into statements of the prophets (as often discussed on this blog as well as on Yeranen Yaakov, End of Days, and among many others), I note the coincidence of the timing of the current Space Shuttle mission to Space Station Alpha, terrorist events around the world, the disengagement in Israel, and this statement from the prophet Ovadiah:

(Ovadiah 1:3...) Your heart’s conceit has enticed you.[1] You who makes the skyscrapers[2] your lofty abode, who says to himself: “Who can bring me down to earth?” Even if you lift yourself high like an eagle[3], and even if you establish a space station[4], I will bring you down from there!” says G-d.

Will tragic events in space during this mission prove we are in the last moments of the pre-messianic era according to Jewish tradition?

For more on my take on the holy prophet Ovadiah, see this previous posts, part 1 here, part 2 here.

For those involved in Rabbi Lazer Brody's Perek Shira campaign, the cat says.

[1] Debkafile - article here (bottom) - The Americans are preparing a campaign to coerce Israel into following up its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank with further evacuations. Washington’s argument is that the trained forces the Sharon government has concentrated to root Israeli communities out of these two territories might as well go straight on to the West Bank and proceed with the removal of unauthorized outposts - and why not some settlements too?

US officials are privately referring to Disengagement B and Disengagement C which would entail the destruction of entire Israeli towns, Maaleh Adumim outside Jerusalem and Ariel further north. To soften up the Israeli government, sanctions have been in force for some months against Israel’s security and military organizations whose performance has begun to show damage. The dispute over the upgrading of Israeli drones sold to China is genuine but also being played to the hilt to push Israel into a corner. In other times and in a different climate of relations, the FBI’s Franklin-AIPAC spy probe would not have gone as far as it has. The Pentagon’s halt on routine supplies of replacement components for Israeli air force warplanes leaves Israel critically vulnerable should a security crisis suddenly flare.

2. Literal translation, ‘mountain caves’. But this is a "Vision" of Ovadiah, so if a prophet 2,500 years ago is seeing New York city but has never seen a building over 3 stories before, how does he describe it?

3. An illusion, a hint, to the national symbol of America?

4. Literal translation ‘even if you place your nest among the stars’. Note the same day Israeli government approved the withdrawal from Gaza, NASA announced a return to space and launch dates [both occuring on Feb. 21, 2005], with the actual launch amazingly being delayed to the 3 Weeks and falling during the disengagement period.

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