Monday, July 18, 2005

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Opinion Counterpoint: That's Not Extremism

Daniel Lubetzky at YNetNews wrote:

We need to stop extremists first and now, before their bitter hatred envelops us all. Know they plot and fight for a delusional vision that will impact your future and that of your progeny...

Palestinian militant groups seek to torpedo efforts at reconciliation through terror, and as such, they have an unwitting and unholy alliance with militant Israeli “thugs” (as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called them).

The actions of a radical minority of violent settlers should also infuriate us all. They went on a wild rampage in the village of Muasi, rioting, bullying and attacking young Palestinians. They blocked Israeli highways and threw nails and gasoline into the roads.

Mr. Lubetzky writes about Israeli extremists. Like the ones that blow up hospitals, bus stations, train stations, malls in my hometown of Netanya, groups of girls, oh wait, that's the Palestinians.

What's with those Jewish extremists? They....they blocked a road!!! The interrupted the flow of traffic! They made me miss my favorite TV show!

Death, destruction, brutal terror, complete lack of humanity DO NOT equal feeling strongly enough about your cause to inconvienence others.

Dear Mr. Lubetzky, you yourself state that 89% of the Palestinian population supports HOMICIDE ATTACKS on innocent men, women and children. How much of the Israeli population supports the torture and murder of Palestinian men, woman, and children?

Your equivalent argument is a joke.

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