Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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News Video: Homicide Bomber Kills Girls in Israel

Important News Alert (I wish the sarcasm added was only that, sarcasm, but it's not)...

London Bombing - Suspects Exist!
U.S. Politics - Presidential Advisor May Have Said Something!

Oh, and by the way, on a minor side note, an Arab Homicide Bomber has kept the Israeli-Palestinian Truce/Cease Fire by walking up to a group of teenage girls in Netanya, Israel, outside a shopping mall, and blowing them up.

News Video Clip Here.

TWO (update, THREE, update FOUR, update FIVE!!!) CHILDREN KILLED, 30 CHILDREN VERY SERIOUSLY INJURED, MANY FOR LIFE with the loss of limbs, permanent disabilities and hideious scars.

But don't worry, truce intact, peace (oh wait, that's piece) prevails.

May Hashem avenge their blood, and comfort their mourning parents!

Update: “The terrorist apparently realized he’d been identified, stood in the middle of the crosswalk right next to four young girls, French tourists apparently, and then blew up,”

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