Monday, July 18, 2005

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News Flash: Early Protest Reports In - Massive reports:

Police/Army sources placed the early protest count at 89,000. Later reports now say 120,000+, with continued reports of additional massive numbers on the way that have been blocked or delayed by police (and then choosing alternative routes).

More on the way.



This is Shlomo Wollins reporting live from Gush Katif. The people of Israel are talking with their feet and expressing their outrage at the "disengagement" in general and the attempt by Israel to squash the rally in Netivot and the subsequent march to Gush Katif. I have first-hand, reliable and confirmed report that over 120,000 people have already entered Netivot in a veritable "sea of orange", with tens of thousands more in route. The most optimistic estimates of the rally may be only half of the rally's eventual size. In addition, the majority are equipped to join the historic march into Gush Katif where 20,000+ Israeli police/army will attempt to block the entrance of the throng, either tomorrow afternoon, night, or the following morning.

Can the Israeli government face down potentially 5% of it's population?

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