Friday, July 15, 2005

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Music: Mystical Breslov Music


This music is a mystical meditative Jewish kabbalistic music with the prayers of Breslov Hassidus, Tikun Klali, prayers by the grand rabbi, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. (lower quality sample - 56k mp3) Soon (after Tisha B'Av, G-d willing) to be offered for sale via CD in the U.S. and worldwide via this blog, with profits benefiting charity.

Click to Listen to the Sample

By Erez Yechiel, Tikun Klali by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov prayed via a Special Melody.

Just to avoid any confusion, the prayer is written by Rabbi Nachman of Bresolv, the first and only grand rabbi of Breslov hassidus. The music and singing is by Mr. Yechiel.

This prayer is a kabbalistic tikkun, a powerful 'repairing' prayer, and comprises and introductory prayer, 10 specially selected psalms in a special order, and a concluding prayer. On another occasion I'll delve more into this particular prayer. The power of this tikun is through the personal preparation and praying of it, the CD is only nice inspiring music.


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