Monday, July 11, 2005

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Multiple Secret U.S. Bases / Camps in Central Israel???

The following pictures and story are going up on the 'net, with the question being, what is it? Why is a large U.S. flagged camp, one of many we're told, being built in central Israel???:



Full Picture Set - Click Here

[Edited] "I detoured off Rd 444 (not 443) between Elad and Shoham and drove towards the Halamish Bet Aryeh. About 2.5 KM I came upon the camp. The camp is right near the road, it's clearly visible to anyone using this particular road to and from the Shomron as far as Bir Zeit and Ramalah. The sign at the turn off reads Nachshonim (a near by kibbuts between Elad and Rosh Ha'ayin).

I drove up to the gate. There is an American flag alongside two Israeli flags. When stopped, I said to the guard that I thought this was a shortcut to Nachshonim. He said that it was a base named Nachshonim but there is no road to the kibbutz. He told me it was a construction site and that I could not enter. I left and drove another KM or so on the road. Just past the Machsom I turned left on to a dirt road which doesn't ring the camp but seems to be the road along where the security fence is being constructed. No doubt much of the road is being blasted out of the rock - so is every other road in the area especially the roads that are associated with the security fence.

I can't estimate how many people can fit into the camp. I can't tell what its purpose will be. It appears to be one of the several Yamachim - storage camps - going up around the country. I'm told by different people doing miluim [army reserve duty] that this is not unique. In the pictures [see full picture link] I think you can see the entire camp. You can see how close it is to Elad and how close it is to the road."

Why is a large U.S. flagged camp, one of many we're told, being built in central Israel???

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