Thursday, July 14, 2005

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A Groan

From the book HaYom Yom, from Day to Day, a daily dose of hassidic and moral teachings every day, by the 6th grand rabbi of Lubavitch hassidus, from the entry for the 3rd of the Hebrew month of Tamuz...

(The Rebbe writes) My grandfather said: "A Jewish groan which, G-d forbid, arises from physical misfortune, is also a great Teshuva (repentence / reconnection to G-d); how much more so then, is a groan arising from spiritual distress a lofty and effective Teshuva.

The groan pulls him out of the depths of evil and places him on a firm footing in the realm of good.

Recognizing one's bad straights, knowing one must turn to one's Creator, is already a great step in improvement. Note, this is not a moan, as in bemoaning one's fate, this is a groan, recognizing where you are and that it's not a good place (or as good a place as it could be), and wanting it to be better. Stand up and take the next step!

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