Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Echos of the Czar - Taking the Children - Katif Cantonists?

I don't think any news item I've read was more disturbing than this, and if anything recalls the horrors of the past, this is it...

Israel National News:

Child Welfare Services to Take Gaza Children to Shelters
14:10 Jul 27, '05 / 20 Tammuz 5765

At a meeting in Jaffa yesterday (Tuesday), state social workers were informed of the plans by the Ministry of Social Welfare to handle the children of those Jewish families forced to uproot from Gush Katif and northern Samaria. According to the ministry's plans, children over two years old will have to be voluntarily transferred to the custody of a relative, or child welfare services will take the children to specially-prepared shelters. As for children under two years old, the state will allow them to face arrest with their parents, according to the ministry officials who addressed the gathering.

The social workers were asked to volunteer for the work of caring for the uprooted children. It was made clear to them that the work was entirely optional and that only two shelters were being made available for the duration, in the hope that most parents would rather voluntarily sign their children over to relatives.

Upon being informed of the ministry plans, many social workers expressed outrage, with some asking by what legal right can the state remove children from parents who are not considered incompetent. To that question, the official replied, "Ask Prime Minister Sharon, he is the current Welfare Minister...."

For those who know some Jewish history, the Cantonists were Jewish children, boys, taken by the Czar of Russia from their families and forced to serve in the Russian military for 25 years. It was a clear attempt to destroy the Jewish community. So is this!

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