Friday, July 29, 2005

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Dov and Vendyl

I've written somewhat extensively in the past about Vendyl Jones (here), the researcher and Bnei Noach who believes he's found the likely location of the Aaron Kodesh (Ark of the Covenant). He has quite a story, and a new book out reviewing the whole thing (see his site here).

Reb Dov Bar Leib, from the End of Days blog, has recently spent some time talking to Dr. Jones and found his information not only to be very compelling, but to closely align with his own research on (as his blog is titled) end of days prophecies.

He's strongly recommending support of Dr. Jones, who needs a significant sum of money to begin ground search and excavation to pinpoint and extract the articles (article here.)

It's worth thinking about.

Of course, in a site search I also came across a site that claims the ark is buried in Ireland (and the Irish people are a lost tribe of Israel). Weird.

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