Sunday, July 17, 2005

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2nd Grand Rabbi Visits Gush Katif

Chabad.Info reports: Yesterday, the Biale Rebbe (grand rabbi of Biale hassidus) visited Gush Katif, met with residents and even gave a blessing for the seedlings recently planted in the Ganei Tal hothouses.

The Biala Rebbe is the second Rebbe to visit Gush Katif in recent days, following a visit by the Bostoner Rebbe. In his talk with residents, he told them that he is proud of them; that they are sanctifying Hashem's name every day and every moment. "You are making a crown for Hashem - with the most difficult mitzvos. You are learning Torah and settling the land, even though it's difficult. reports that other Rebbes are considering a visit to Gush Katif in the upcoming days.

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