Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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Water on the Mount?

Lazer Beams posts an interesting note about a story that's been going around for a few years about water coming forth from Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount):

The Gihon River mentioned in Genesis 2:13 flows under Jerusalem, directly under the Holy Temple Mount, under what today is known as the Dome of the Rock in the Al Aksa mosque. There, it's known as Siloam Spring (see Rashi on Kings I, 1:33), and flows out in the direction of Silwan (Arabic for Siloam), the Arab town directly to the South of the Temple Mount. King Hezekiah sealed off the waters of the Gihon when he was threatened by Sannherib and the Assyrians (see Chronicles II, 32:30 and Talmud tractate Brachos 10b).

According to Islamic tradition, when the waters of the Gihon begin surfacing under the Dome of the Rock, then the Jewish Messiah is fast on the way...

In recent months, several witnesses have told about water seeping out of the floor near the base of the Dome of the Rock...

The whole article is here.

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