Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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Video: Zoo Rabbi on the Strength of a Lion

Here's a video clip of Rabbi Slifkin, the Zoo Rabbi (see previous post here), on the topic of:

Pirke Avos (Ethics of our Fathers) Chapter 5 - Yehuda ben Tema said: Be bold as a leopard, light as a nesher (condor, not eagle, see previous zoo post), swift as a antelope (not deer, see previous zoo post), and strong as a lion, to carry out the will of your Father in heaven.

What's the strength of a lion that makes it unique and worth mentioning? Why not the strength of an elephant, or the strength of a leopard?

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Video Page- Rabbi Slifkin - The Strength of a Lion

(or play direct here - Quicktime video link - 30mb)

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