Sunday, June 05, 2005

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In terms of scholarship and aptitude the Chassid Reb Elyeh Abeler was a simple man.

Once, when he came into Yechidus (a private meeting with the Rebbi, grand rabbi of a hassidic sect), my grandfather said to him:

  • "Elyeh, I envy you. You travel to various fairs, you meet many people. Sometimes, in the middle of a business transaction, you get into a warm discussion about a Jewish saying, a saying from the Ein Yakov etc., and you arouse the other fellow's interest in studying Nigleh (Talmud, Halacha etc.) and Chassidus.

    This causes joy On High, and the A-lmighty rewards such "trade" with the blessings of children, health and sustenance; the larger the fair the more work there is and the greater is the livelihood earned."

from Hayom Yom, from Day to Day for Iyar 16, the 31st day of the Omer.

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