Thursday, June 23, 2005

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Segulah: Zera shel Kayama, for Children

A segulah is an action that is said to specifically activate a channel for a divine blessing, for someone who is a worthy recipient (and/or who has prepared a proper vessel to receive the blessing). There are some commonly known ones among the orthodox Jewish community, occasionally a great mekubal (a master kabbalist) will give out another.

The following segulah for Zera shel Kayama (a blessing for children) is being publicized by a charity organization, Kupat Ha'ir. This segulah is said in the name of the mekubal (kabbalist), the great and saintly rabbi, Rabbi Haim Falaji, zt"l:

First, prayer is the main thing. As I said above (and the charity emphasizes), one should turn to the Healer of all Flesh, praying and pleading, doing good deeds (Torah and mitzvot), and being exceedingly charitable.

On to the segulah, in the name of the holy rabbi, scholar and kabbalist, Rabbi Haim Falaji, zt"l (the memory of a saint is a blessing):

One should set aside for charity 91 of the smallest whole monitary unit of one's country (specifically he said 'perutos', but this is understood to mean whole monitary unit). It appears this should preferrably be done with coins, such as 1-dollar coins in the U.S. or 1-shekel coins in Israel [is there a 1-euro coin?]. One should then add additional coins until he has reached the count of twice of the gematria (numerical value) of the hebrew word 'ben' (which means son). [The numerical value of ben is 52, double the value is 104.]

This money should then be given to a poor and humble Torah scholar. This is a segulah for a childless couple.

Kupat Ha'ir, who publicized this, states that they route donations to poor Torah scholars. They can be reached (in the USA) at +1-866-221-9352.

Rabbi Nati, who occasionaly posts to this blog, also qualifies. If you would like to support his Torah learning in Israel, you can do so here:

Support R. Nati Learning in Israel

May the merit of your charity and good deeds bring you all the blessings you need from heaven.


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