Thursday, June 16, 2005

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The Reward?

The book HaYom Yom, from Day to Day, writes for the 25th of Iyar 25...

(From the writings of the first grand rabbi of Lubavitch hassidus, a famous saint and incredible scholar, author of many serious works of hassidus and halacha (Jewish law)...)

"The reward of a mitzva is the mitzva."

The mitzva in its ultimate essence-state is the reward. The revelation of this essence will take place in the Time to Come. This is the "enduring principal of the mitzva."

However, man also "eats of its fruits in This World," each mitzva according to its particular nature; i.e. when man has that particular need, he is answered.

This brief note attempts to explain, what is the reward for a good deed, for following a G-dly command? Does one 'go to heaven' and receive a special meal? A nicer room?

As hassidus explains in depth, the good deeds, or more specifically the G-dly deeds, of one's life enwrap ones soul and provide the heavenly access to G-dly essence.

In life, the soul is wrapped in a body which provides the ability to survive in and interact with the environment.

The deeds of one's life, specifically the G-dly deeds, provide the same in the next.

The mitzva itself, the heavenly essence or result, enwraps one in the next world. The mitzva is the reward.

So load up while you still can! :-)

Oh, and by the way, it makes this world better too.

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