Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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A Non-Nation

Reb Nati showed this one to me, and noted several references that again seem to be unique to this time, from the song of Parshas Ha'azinu, Devarim (Deuteronomy) 32:20...

He said: I will hide My face from them;
I will see what their end will be.

For they are a generation that changes;

(we're doing some research on the Hebrew word that translates to 'changes', it may be an encoded date)

Children that have no upbringing.

They have made Me furious with something that is not a god,

(literally, made Me furious with no-god, meaning atheism? This is unique, with all almost every prophecy talking about worshipping 'other gods'.)

Provoked My anger with their nonsense.

So I will make them furious by a non-nation,

(that's really strange language, a literal translation would be, they make Me furious with non-god...I will make them furious with non-nation, or not a nation, how about a people that have never been a nation but are pretending to be one, namely the Palestinians???)

I will provoke their anger with a vile nation.

(This doesn't need much explanation.)

For a fire burned in My nostrils,
And it will blaze (in you) to the lowest depths (of your foundations).
It will consume (your) land and its produce,
Setting aflame, founded upon mountains.

I will heap misfortunes upon them.
I will use up My arrows on them.

They will sprout hair from famine, be attacked by flying (demons).
And be cut down by (the Demon) Meriri.
I will send animal's teeth upon them.
With the venom of those (snakes) that slither in the dust.

(Actually, the literal words of this last line say in Hebrew, "With HAMAS")

No need to continue the frightening words, which describe outside attacks, inside terror, and finally as the enemy becomes completely arrogant at their ongoing victories and effectiveness of terror, G-d stands up and avenges His people, may it be today!

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