Monday, June 13, 2005

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Last Minute Shavous Thoughts - Time, Geulah Update

The day to day moments of life, the things which happen over which we have no control (which, in reality, is everything, but we become fooled by the illusion of areas of control and normality), are always a surprise. Will we be distracted, turned aside from what's important, drawn away from our proper focus?

Exciting things are happening today, here's a few in the Geulah (redemption) department: and Yeranen Yaakov bring sources now reporting that one of the Watches of the Geulah has struck 12:00. This is exciting news and should continue to point to the urgency to do good deeds, Torah and mitzvot, now when it is so dark (so hard to see g-dliness in the world), when it counts the most, the moment before Moshiach!

Dov Bar Lieb (scholar of the End of Days blog) had a meeting with Dr. Vendyl Jones in Israel, and says (to paraphrase), expect the aaron kodesh (the holy ark of the covenant) to be brought forth by Tisha B'Av. Of course, Dr. Jones is a very optimistic fellow. Personally, I believe he will find the aaron (or is the most likely person to do so), but I have less confidence in the timing. (Mr. Jones has made optimistic predictions previously.)

These are exciting events and should spur us on to greater efforts in Torah, mitzvot, and good deeds!

In the middle of our family Shabbos and Shavuos preparations, I had a small emergency at work, and a required day of training that kept me in the office later in the day on Friday than I normally stay. Today I was first surprised that my sons yeshiva had a 1/2 day of learning (unusual the day of a holiday), then my oldest son was injured while at yeshiva and I spent most of this day focused on his care.

It would have been very easy to say "oh why is Shavuos coming, I wish it wasn't, so many important things going on". The struggle, the challenge was to say "Shavuos is coming, we're focused on preparing to receive the Torah and celebrate this wonderful occasion", and it was a struggle. But it was exactly by staying focused on this holy goal that the details worked out.

Somehow, for children, it's not so hard. My son's major concern while waiting for and receiving treatment was, "will I still be able to stay up tonight and learn?" (It's customary the first night of Shavuos for the men to stay up through the night learning Torah.)

May we learn from the clarity and vision of the children.

Chag Samayach - A happy and holy holiday, Shavuos, the time of our receiving of the Torah.

Being I publish from Chutz La'Aretz (from outside Israel), I won't be blogging again until Wednesday. May we meet again then with only good news, and hopefully the best of news, news of the coming of Moshiach Tzidkaynu, mamush, now!

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